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Lesmahagow Community Council

Scottish Power Renewables Consultaion on the Hagshaw Cluster Community Benefit 


An update on the consultation is available here:



Residents, community groups, clubs and business in the Lesmahagow area are being asked to choose between two options to manage the community benefit funds flowing from the the Hagshaw Cluster windfarms. This will help shape the community council (CC) response to Scottish Power Renewables (SPR).


SPR are developing three windfarms – Cumberhead West (predominantly in the Lesmahagow CC area), and Douglas West and Hagshaw Hill repowering (both to the south). This will produce community benefit funds of up to £1.3m per annum from 2025 which SPR want managed as a single fund.

The SPR consultation presents two options. Both will use the funds to develop and support projects in line with the local/regional community action plans


Option A - Douglas Valley Action Group (DVAG)

DVAG is a constituted community group set up by the local communities and South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) to direct and make decisions on new community benefit funding within the area with a priority to deliver large-scale transformational change and to develop strategic investment proposals in the Douglas Valley area.

Option B - A Newly Formed Community Company with Third Party Administration

A new community company would be established with an elected board of twelve volunteer Directors, three from each of the above-named community areas.The community company may be a Community Interest Company, a Company Limited by Guarantee, Community Trust or similar depending on the communities preferred setup. It will have reporting responsibilities to SPR, Companies House or OSCR depending on its structure.


You can read the full SPR consultaion document below along with information from South Lanarkshire Council on the DVAG for Option A and some details of the proposed setup for Option B. A voting form is also attached if you would prefer to print off and submit that way.

SPR Consultation:


Option A - DVAG:


Option B - Independent Trust or company:


Paper voting form:



Once you have reviewed the options please vote for your preference using the form below. This will help shape the community council's response to SPR who will then go with the majority view across the 4 community council areas (Lesmahagow, Douglas Water & Rigside, Coalburn, and Douglas & Glespin)