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Lesmahagow Community Council

Jubilee Hall

Added on 15 December 2008

Help us save the Jubilee!

After years of rumours and statements from South Lanarkshire Council [SLC] that 'no decision has been made' a formal letter has been received indicating the Hall is to close and be demolished.

This in spite of SLC receiving a petition with over 800 signatures asking that it be retained supported by a formal request from the Community Council.

The SLC view is that there will be facilities available at the High School and the new primary schools.  If the High School is anything to go by the facilities there are most definitely not fit for the purpose of providing concerts and functions that match the Jubilee.

Is this the end of the line for what we believe is the second oldest public building in the village, [build around 1840, the Parish Church was built 1803]?  We hope not and intend to continue the fight for its retention. 

If you wish to help then please send a strongly worded protest for it to be retained and refurbished to:

Mr Archie Strang, Chief Executive
South Lanarkshire Council
Almada Street
Hamilton  ML3 0AA

or email to